Quicksave's Facebreaker Demo Impressions

Quicksave writes:

"What do I know about Facebreaker?

1. It's a brand new boxing IP from Electronic Arts Sports division.
2. It'll have an arcadey feel.
3. It has a wacky art style.

That's it. This gives me an opportunity to go through the newly released PSN demo with a clean slate. The videos of it showed off something different from the norm and I commend it for that. But, as we all know, looks aren't everything. So let's see if this Facebreaker is worth going toe to toe with."

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StormSoldier4324d ago

idk i tried the make your boxer and it made me look like im from the phillipins. idk i gotta try it again i guess

InMyOpinion4323d ago

This game seems so shallow that I won' even bother downloading the demo. Something tells me EA didn't spend much time, thought or money developing this title.

RealityCheck4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

You're not missing much. There are many better fighting game out there including the recent Soul Calibur IV. For those that like boxing Fight Night is still better.

Played the demo and it was disappointing.

newneto4323d ago

As I Fight Night player I will not make this move now. I did not like the demo.

JohnnyMann4204323d ago

...but honestly it was more eye candy than actual gameplay.

This is one of those games that the Demo actually hurts the sales of the product.

It's not that the gameplay is buggy, it is just...well.. too oldschool?

This would have been a good quarter eater, not a good console game.

There isn't a bunch of depth here.... tap the sh*t out of buttons.

Oh well.

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The story is too old to be commented.