Video: Migsy Unboxes Until Dawn Limited Edition

Join Gamebug’s Migsy as she unboxes an extremely limited media release of UNTIL DAWN for PlayStation 4. This rare edition is not available for purchase at stores, so check out what’s inside!

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Dannycr1242d ago

Well, I un-followed her a while ago and will definitely not watch the video. When she makes her friends respect other players, I would maybe watch something related to her.

MWH1241d ago

lol, sell it us honey.

Master of Unlocking1241d ago

I'm interested in that game.
Does it come in such a nice CE for mass market?

Lucky her she got her hands on it.
I want the same.
Kind of like she has at least.
Excellent packaging.

Though I'm not sure about the damaged part.
Or the fact it's just tin and not leather.

Unfortunately it's just for PS4,
Not for PS3.
But when I get a PS4,
Or I get one offered, or an
Xbox one,

Hell, if I steal one in the
End, I'll be in for the
Real deal.

level 3601241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Oh hi Tia Carrere.. let's do a movie soon.. oh sorry I'm mistaken.