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Back in 2008 Psyonix Inc released what would become a cult hit called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, also known as SARPBC. While I’m not big on the PC market anyways, this game had been unbeknownst to me until the sequel, Rocket League, launched on Sony’s smash hit PlayStation 4 as part of the Instant Game Collection. At first I was on the side of the skeptics, could soccer and RC cars really work as a game? After a few matches not only did it work, it pushed Splatoon to my back burner of go to online games.

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ironcrow23861863d ago

I kno il probably get a load of backlash..but i honestly cant get into this game; as hard as i have tried to enjoy it, i just find boring and repetitive

LifeInNZ1862d ago

I'm with you. Playing the game simply does nothing for me however, watching my kids play it has been a blast.

Cohagen4201862d ago

Metacritic isn't a reflection of reality? They determine salaries of employees and are a round up of reviews from publications, looks like you need to look up the definition of reality. Developers make money off of downloads, man it must be fun living in your peanut head version of reality..

Spotie1862d ago

You guys are comical.

LifeInNZ1862d ago


You keep insulting or attacking the people making the comments, why is that?

reallyNow1862d ago

It's OK not to like something. We all have different tastes!

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Eidolon1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

It's fun when you have someone to play with(local/couch and online), multiplayer is where it's at.

cfc831862d ago

Decent game to play now and again.

alex1015941862d ago

I was one who wasn't interested but added it to my library anyways. One day I go to my friend's house and they're playing and I fall in love, the game is just so fun!

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