Is the ‘Madden Curse’ the Real Deal, Or Just Amazing Bad Luck?

VICE: "We spoke to NFL analyst Michael Carlson about the risks players take by appearing on the game's artwork."

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jmc88881152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

No, it's football.

Football is a violent sport, and just about everybody that plays in the NFL, eventually suffers a major injury.

The guys who are normally on the covers are guys who are getting smacked around... the QB's, the RB's, the WR's.

These guys get hit.

mikeslemonade1152d ago

Don't draft Odell Beckham in fantasy football lol

mkis0071152d ago

Usually these players get a lot more downs than anyone else...plenty of big names get major injuries without being on the cover.

solar1152d ago

yes, unless you are Calvin Johnson