Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition (iOS) Review | Cubed3

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers came from the golden time of point-and-click adventures in the 90s and from legendary publisher Sierra, presenting a sprawling New Orleans and its eclectic cast of mysterious and interesting characters, as well as a general macabre that punctuated the whole adventure. Rather than laugh-out-loud humour, murder and a foreboding tone are the order of the day here. 20 years later the title was given a fresh coat of paint, including 3D character models and backgrounds, and has made its way to iOS and Android. It's an exciting time for the mobile market, with more serious, full-fledged adventure games such as this now possible. The title comes as both the complete experience as well as the ability to purchase several episode chapters, or days, individually. Is this a worthy port of the recently updated PC version? Uncover the evidence to find out.

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NewMonday2166d ago

the original is a classic, one of the first games ever to have a deep dark sophisticated story and characters.