Casamassina: Cut Cammie some slack!

In IGN's latest Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, one subject which was discussed was Cammie Dunaway's presentation at Nintendo's E3 conference. The conference was considered to be awful for Dunaway, as most remember her for her "snowboarding accident." Matt Casamassina, however, defended her, explaining that Dunaway is not the one who composes the speeches or content that will be shown at E3. Furthermore, Casamassina noted that, while it is up to the respective people to create Dunaway's speeches and make it appropriate for the audience, Dunaway does indeed need to be more aware; Specifically, when it comes to commenting on a HDD solution during an interview, Dunaway should realize that the hardcore Nintendo fans won't be satisfied with answers such as "I delete VC games to make room for new ones."

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