Retailer Advertises Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain As A Hideo Kojima Game

Official Konami advertisements may not acknowledge that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is made by Hideo Kojima, but this didn’t stop a retailer from crediting him.

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holysmokesbatman1488d ago

Respect??? It's a sales tactic, hardly respect worthy but whatever...

joab7771488d ago

I still have my fingers crossed that this whole thing is a troll...and on launch night, Konami will wheel him again. And the next morning we will wake to find out that there's a trailer for Silent Hills.

scark921488d ago

That would make me buy it from there.
Shows that the retailer is a fan of the series and I like that.

Ripsta7th1488d ago

Yup me too
Somehow something feels off

Pozzle1486d ago

Eh. Not really. I used to work at JB Hi Fi and most people who buy games are either casual gamers, or people who are buying for a family member or friend, or people who know little about games so they buy games solely on word-of-mouth or whether they like the cover. Most of them probably don't know who Hideo Kojima is so adding his name isn't going to massively contribute to sales.

It's just a nice little nod to Kojima and the fans who support him.

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joab7771488d ago

And deserved. It couldn't hav,simply been the money, unless they used him as a ruse to get out of AAA altogether.

I think that maybe they told him that MGS5 was the last game in which he had totalitarian control. Then he went and got Guillermo and Reed, and announced SH, and Konami got pissed off.

joab7771488d ago

Ya think this Kojima tweet brought so much attention that this little game shop gets sued by Konami?

TwoForce1488d ago

Respect Kojima, my friends.

burza19821488d ago

I will do the same. I will change the cover of the game and I will place photo on Facebook.
This is my way to boycott Konami and the same time say to Kojima - Thank you.

EazyC1488d ago

That's like buying a car and taking the badge've still given Konami your money. The only way you could Boycott them is by buying used.

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The story is too old to be commented.