PSW's preview of Medal of Honor: Airborne

This is still traditional Medal of Honor stuff - five increasingly dangerous missions across war-torn Europe, each one meticulously based on real-life campaigns - but instead of rolling up in an armoured boat/tank/motorbike and sidecar/other vehicle of choice, as was the case in previous games, each level begins with a parachute jump out the side of a Douglas C47 airplane. The beauty of this is that, because your parachute can be controlled, it's technically possible to land at any point on the map, which should lead to some interesting start points for your soldier...

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Juevani4330d ago

that sounds like fun, kind'a of new style 2 fps type of games I think, Im not in 2 this type of games that much I rather play soccer games or sports in general..

jwatt4330d ago

For Some reason I just prefer MOH games over COD games plus if it's going to be non linear than thats a breath of fresh air.