Final Fantasy 15 Trailer Explained: Who's the Dog? Why the Hugging?

OX writes: "With launch set for 2016, Final Fantasy 15 is a way off yet, but there's no stopping the makers of the game teasing us with snippets of story, like this most recent foreshadowy trailer. So what's going on in the trailer? Why all the hugging? Who's this dog? We asked director Hajime Tabata."

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Elda1153d ago

Hopefully we'll find out by 4Q 2016.

NoctisPendragon1153d ago

Square Enix CEO said it was sooner than we think : .

Imortus_san1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

This really need a lot of Work because the games looks miles away from Scalebound in grafics, not to mention that after playing the FF15 demo and finding that you need to teleport to fight the bigh enemies, the Behamooth fight was a mess, they really need to amp their game.

Eiyuuou1153d ago

I disagree. The graphics, especially the player models, look amazing. The combat can use some adjustments indeed. Example: teleporting to a higher place, dropping down and getting falling damage? Doesn't really motivate you to teleport high again.

Imortus_san1152d ago

Player models looked good during the camping but they are clank and bada animated when running, I teleporting just breacks the game, this combat system is not good.

NoctisPendragon1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Do you know this trailler was real-time in-game ? What Scalebound footage did you see to say the graphics are better ? I would like the link.

Imortus_san1152d ago

Have you Played FF15 demo? this is not gameplay, dont care how good the cutscenes are, gameplay grafics are musch worst them this.

NoctisPendragon1152d ago


The FF XV demo has downgraded graphics (confirmed by the devs ) and is running under Luminous Engine 1.4 (vs 2.0 for the final game) , if Platinium released a Scalebound demo now (1 year before release) it wouldn't be playble or beautiful at all .

1153d ago
Magicite1153d ago

WHAT? Scalebound doesnt even come close to FF15's greatness. FF15 blows majority of games with its graphics.

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