A Guide to Buying the Best TV for Gaming

Nick from GamersFTW writes:

"Let’s face it, everyone wants a TV that will make games look their best, often times price is the biggest limiting factor, but what else should a gamer look at in deciding what television they should buy for their shiny new PS4 and Xbox One? I will go through some of those things and also what to do before even starting a game up to get the absolute best picture out of your games."

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ramiuk11151d ago

whats he on about anything 7 or 10 isnt for gaming?

my input lag on my dlp projector is as low as 3 up to about 14 which is under 1 frame,my led tv is about 36-36 which is bad for twitch gaming.
anything from 20 down is decent imo.

i cant game on normal tvs though since getting a projector.

im sat 13/14ft from my screen and it looks amazing but some games that was low res like titanfall was really ugly on it and could see the pixels.
so it has to be a minimum of 900p to be clear.

ibrake4naps1151d ago

My next display will be VR

immabadguy1151d ago
I would definitely recommend a plasma tv for anything, whether gaming or Netflix. I would pick one up soon since they don't make them anymore.

1151d ago
ZaWarudo1151d ago

Nice read. I personally think 32-40 inches is the best size for gaming, anything else too big just wouldn't look as good imo.

Go for a 1080p 32-40 inch TV, they're very affordable now. No need for smart TVs since your console can do that stuff, or 4k TVs since they're so expensive and the new consoles doesn't even support 4k resolution.

1nsomniac1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Dude you can't be serious? I can't imagine trying to game on a 32" these days. You could just about get away with a 40" for some decent visuals without struggling to see things. Especially for online gaming.

40-50" is the best balance for 1080p in my opinion unless it's for your kids bedroom then obviously you could get away with going smaller.

ramiuk11151d ago

1080p 106" projector on my wall is laughing at you with under 10ms response time.

32" is pc monitor size these days.

Skellytorx1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Good article!

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