Is Professor Layton In Smash Bros. For Wii U / 3DS?

Gamefaqs user Fodimon has revealed that voice actor for Professor Layton, Christopher R Miller took to Twitter to talk about Professor Layton in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/ 3DS.

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KryptoniteTail1150d ago

I hope this isn't the winner of the votes. King K. from DKC or Goku or Banjo or Isaac or Ninten...not boring ass Layton.

Monster_Tard1150d ago

I've seen a few people suggest him, I'd be ok with it. With Bandai Namco owning the rights to the DBZ games and also working on Smash, it's not too far fetched.

Kalebninja1150d ago

Goku isn't a video game character he won't ever get in.

Monster_Tard1150d ago

He's been a video game character since the SNES DBZ games. He most likely won't get in and there are better choices out there, just saying he wouldn't be terrible imo.

RPGrinder1150d ago

he is not even remotely iconic for video games nor for Nintendo.

That is a joke

Kalebninja1150d ago

@monster_tard Goku is an anime character regardless of how many games the series has. Unless they were originally a video game character they don't qualify. If this is your logic then every character in jstars qualifies to be in smash. It isn't happening.

Monster_Tard1150d ago

@kalebninja I'm not pushing for him to be in, But if enough fans wanted it, I could see it happening. What says that a game character has to had originated in a video game to qualify? If I remember correctly, James Bond was once highly considered for Smash, which shows that Sakurai isn't 100% against adding a character that didn't originate in gaming.

RPGrinder1150d ago

If 10 billion fans want it it is not happening

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RPGrinder1150d ago

Isaac and Layton would be amazing dlc

TorpeAlex1150d ago

...Still pushing for Wonder Red! Anyone else?

Kalebninja1150d ago

Yeah wonder red fits right in.

Kalebninja1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

...because Lucas is iconic right?because greninja is too right? Lol okay. He's one of there new IP's and they don't need to think real hard to make a moveset for him. If anything he'd at least be in the next game.

RPGrinder1150d ago

Actually lucas is 100x more iconic than Wonder Red

Wonderful 101 bombed. Hell, in Japan alone Mother 3 outsold Wonderful 101 in all regions combined. It is an insult to Mother 3 to even put that game in the same sentence.

Greninja is from Pokemon. A series a billion times more iconic.

deafdani1149d ago

Yup, that was who I put in the vote.

Not going to happen, though. ;_;

KryptoniteTail1149d ago

Anyone crying about Goku being suggested needs to grow up. Nintendo put no strict guidelines on voting so get over it. He is a popular choice regardless of origin. People said we'd never get 3rd party either lol. Idiotic people and their lack of critical thinking...I distinctly recall wanting a playable Giga Bowser in some way back after Melee launched and I got flamed to hell by fanboys who always think they're right. Huh. I remember wanting Sonic since N64 (that was considered heresy back then). Never say never.