IGN: PixelJunk Eden Review

8.5 Presentation
The Eden hub world has both its ups and downs, but overall it works fairly well. The ability to upload videos directly to YouTube is also a big plus.
7.5 Graphics
It all comes down to artistic design in Eden's case and the overall look and feel is great. However, many levels really only use one base color, so it can look drab at times.
8.0 Sound
There are very few sound effects, but what's there is cool and unique. However, the soundtrack is stellar, as reserved and subtle as the art design while just as engaging as the gameplay.
8.5 Gameplay
It's simple, but very addictive. With your only real abilities being jumping, grabbing and swinging, there's a surprising amount of complexity in the mixture of the three.
7.5 Lasting Appeal
For a downloadable title, there's a lot of time to be spent here collecting everything. The three-player mode adds a good bit to the replayability as well.
Impressive OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)

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ELite_Ghost4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

omg trust me, this is the game that's gonna warm u up b4 LBP!!!

you will smile when u hold the controller! this game is awesome!!!

Rofflecopter4318d ago

this is my pre-lbp game. its also a game that i can play with friends and my girlfriend as well if she gets bored watching tv or something. hell, ive had it for a few hours and im completely addicted!

Ghoul4318d ago


another great addition to my psn game collection. very cool game
i love the artisitc approach of the graphics.

Esena4318d ago

This is a very relaxing game that does involve a bit of skill -- especially if you wanna get those trophies. I never know bronze trophies were so hard to get.

Anyway... I recommend this one. Very innovative.

Seraphim4318d ago

yeah, I was thinking that going for all seeds level 1. And it's not that it's really hard, just a real pain and time consuming. And the fact you have finite time doesn't help. Although there are enough ???? to give you enough time to easily get all seeds in level 1...

anyway, great game. After downloading the demo last week I fell in love. Even went out and bought Pixel Monsters since it was only $5 this past week. They're both actually really enjoyable games...

Ghoul4318d ago

i thouht you only have a limited amount of silk wich you can replenish by collecting the bubble thingys :) i havent spotted a timelimit sofar

Seraphim4318d ago

that's probably what I'm thinking about... but once you run out it's game over. and some of those things are hard to gather... it certainly provides a level challenge in the game. w/o it you could just roam all day easily gathering and getting the seeds...

micro_invader4318d ago

I reckon it's easier when you've got friends/siblings. I played for two hours today with my little bro and sis, it was great fun and I got my first trophy :D.
I'm addicted, and so are they :P.

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CaptainHowdy4318d ago

Sony, listen closely to me now....i said CLOSELY: PSN cards + Gamestop = Money!!!!

mindedone4318d ago

I mean that in a good way. As long as your girlfriend can keep up with you, she will be enjoying herself (at least mine did.) She actually helped me get the fourth thingamabob (I forget what it's called) in the first garden. And for once I wasn't pissed off the entire time because she was holding me back.

thank you, PixelJunk, you've saved my marriage.

mindedone4317d ago

I guess some people don't like girls, my bad.

Dann79784318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

this game is awesome

need bubbles please

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