NEW: "The Last Guy" 8 Minute Gameplay Video

A new 8 minute gameplay video released for the new PS3 downloadable title called "The Last Guy".

Employing high-resolution satellite imagery of real-world locations such as Tokyo and Los Angeles, the game pits players against a bloodthirsty horde of monsters and zombies. The titular Last Guy must navigate the streets and alleyways to find survivors, fend off the horde and lead the people to various escape zones for rapid evacuation.

While no official release date has yet been confirmed, SCEA producer Josh Miller revealed that the game will arrive on the PlayStation Network "very soon."

Please use view video link at bottom if video is not working.

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VampHuntD4324d ago

Am I missing something? Or does this game look like it's gonna suck?

Overr8ed4324d ago

have you played the "demo".

sushipoop4324d ago

weirdest PSN game ever.

RonDeMuerte4324d ago

I'm gonna buy this looks pretty unique......I don't give a [email protected] if anyone hates on least it's not Too Human!!! Ha!!

PoSTedUP4324d ago

yea man it looks good for what it is.

ill buy it if its 5$, i wouldn't pay 10$'s for it.

Silogon4324d ago

Then you won't be buying it. All PSN games are ludicrously over priced. Pixel Junk Eden, Pain, Grip Shift and countless others are carrying 10 dollar price tags and it's laughable. Rocketment is another one.

Stardust is almost 30 bucks for all the add ons and the game. That's stupid. Stardust isn't worth 7 bucks with all the add ons, if you ask me. Novastrike, another game that is pretty good but isn't 10 bucks good.

C'mon... anyone who says Sony's taking a hit on the PSN by making it free is lying to themselves. Sony is making out very well with their absurdly priced PSN games that last about 20 min a pop.

That's where all Sony's exclusive games are, though. Without the PSN Sony wouldn't have anything to brag about in terms of exclusives.

"We got... um... well... um... we got lots of 10 min PSN games!!!

We know these PSN games are 200 and 300 and sometimes even gigs worth of data and we know NES games were only 20kb and offered more fun and depth and entertainment and even often looked better, but hey... We're Sony! We love the anal lubin' we give our consumers!"

PoSTedUP4324d ago

yo that junk was hysterical.

looks good for what it is.....

wouldn't pay ten dollas for it but i would pay five.

Dir_en_grey4324d ago

So it's probably like $4.99 US or less.
I will totally get this game, hope it comes out next week...
I wonder when Ragdoll Kung Fu comes out, and Flower....
I want it all!!!

monkey6024324d ago

This game doesnt look as good as the PSN's usual downloadable games standard

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