Kingdom Hearts Insider Special - Pre DK£3713 Update

Kingdom Hearts Insider writes: "Hey everyone! The staff here at KH Insider is hard at work preparing for the Square Enix event DKS3713 taking place August 2nd and 3rd, a special Japan only party. We'll be here updating you as soon as information starts to roll in on the three new additions to the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

To get everyone updated on what we know so far about the new games, I've translated some Famitsu scans released last year after Tokyo Game Show 2007. They all contain an interview and game summary, I hope you enjoy reading them in English!"

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360rxorz3824d ago

I know what they'll announce at the event... Kingdom Hearts coming to Xbox with improved graphics and extras. Haha, that would be great to see the reaction of the droids.

sushipoop3824d ago

yup. on 7 discs and no less. seriously who knows how much they're gonna downgrade FFXIII now that it's multi-platform, ESPECIALLY the 360 version since that's the port and the PS3 version is the original LOL

zo6_lover273824d ago

Seeing that all current KH iterations are on hand held consoles, don't think that will happen. I really hope KH3 is announced, and if anything it will be ps3 exclusive or multi, and no duh it will have better graphics, that last one was on ps2, and if you didn't know the ps3 is capable of better graphics than the 360

kevco333824d ago

"Capable" true. But it hasn't really shown that yet, has it...?

Quickstrike3824d ago

any info on that game or have I been playing my PS3 too much?

xxBATTLECATxx3824d ago

KH3 better not go to the wii