Will Capcom bring Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 Remake announcements to Tokyo Game Show?

Rely on Horror, J. Bocanegra writes: "Tokyo Game Show 2015 is less than a month away. This year’s event will take place from September 17-20. Capcom has just announced their line-up of games that will be at the show. And, of course, we have Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster in there.

The upcoming remastered edition will most likely be getting an updated demo, which could take those in attendance (and viewers at home) outside of the train setting that the E3 and Gamescom builds have been focused on. But will Capcom have other surprises in store?"

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BigBosss1204d ago

Resident Evil 7 maybe, as for RE2 Remake, I don't think there will be any announcements till next year.

bouzebbal1204d ago

they just started working on core concepts for RE2 a few weeks ago. I really don't think they made it to the 3D modeling yet.

RE7 might make an appearance at TGS. I hope Capcom learnt the lessons from RE5 and 6 and go back to the roots with RE7..

_-EDMIX-_1204d ago

Could be. They could have a CGI video ready, they could even have a small teaser ready just to start marketing it.

Consider this is just saying "announcement" in some respect Capcom as already confirmed the green light for RE2 remake publicly sooo lol

Why not make a statement on the biggest stage in japan? I mean..I could be wrong, but we can't really say never.

If they really wanted to keep it under wraps and have a grand announcement, they would have not confirmed its development.

KryptoniteTail1204d ago

Hopefully word on the potential of a Resident Evil 3 remake.

gif1204d ago

Think Capcom don't have anything.