Xbox LIVE support: Epic Fail

One man's gruelling battle for the redemption of his Microsoft Points, his non-fraud status, and - ultimately - his very soul.

This is part 1 of a 4 part purgatory odysssy that is a first hand account of the trials and tribulations that are awaiting you, should something go wrong with your Xbox LIVE account.

So when the crap hits the fan, does Xbox LIVE support live up to the 'support' part of their title? "Hell no", apparently...

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Viktor E3820d ago

I always see bad support calls associated with Xbox Live,I think Sony have Microsoft beat when it comes to providing a seamless and problem free Online Environment for gamers.

Boldy3820d ago

Well do you think you would see any articles written complaining about a person's great experience with MS support? I have never had a problem with MS support and I even got this one guy that really went out of his way to help me, I even put in a good word for him with his manager.

Obviously the only time people are going to write about a companies support experience is when he has a crappy one and writes an article about it to to vent while the ones that have had no problem will be happy and content and writing an article is not necessary to vent the anger.

Wildarmsjecht3820d ago

And that supports what he was saying. There is less articles about bad
Sony Customer support than there are bad MS customer support. It would mean there is alot more people who have good support that doesn't feel the need to write an article by your logic.

Boldy3820d ago

Well a higher install base and the fact that more people need to call MS support than Sony support due to RROD could also have an effect on the numbers.

Wildarmsjecht3820d ago

Of course it would. The RROD issue alone would take precedence even if the install base were similar, but that's just it. More issues on the 360 due to various facts make them more likely to find horrible customer service.

Aclay3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Yes, the Xbox 360 may have a higher installbase, but you must have forgotten that Sony still has the PS2 AND PSP, not just the PS3. The PS2 has a 120+ installbase and the PSP has sold 37+ million units worldwide, so there are a LOT of potential people that could be calling Sony at any time and the Xbox 360 higher installbase over the PS3 has nothing to do with more reports of issues with Microsoft's Customer Service.

uxo223820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

nm, not work the argument.

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rroded3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

it will just get deleted like most of the other 'anti' 360 articles on this site.

funny tho cause ive been hung up on by ms several times n my box wont go online anymore after they fixed rrod whats worst they want me to pay to get it fixed sigh...
Heres hoping this guy gets a happier ending than me.

McPerson3820d ago

It's just a first hand account. No more, no less.

If it reflects badly on the company, it's because the company has some crappy customer service facilities.

Nathaniel_Drake3820d ago

He typed it very entertainingly though.

mfwahwah3819d ago

^ I loved his planned excuse with the fish in an echo-y room, and his "speed poop" comment ^.^

GameOn3820d ago

I haven't had to call many support lines but when my 360 died MS was really very good.

Bnet3433820d ago

So out of a million calls a day, 1 bad call makes MS support bad?

juuken3820d ago

It reflects badly on the company as a whole.

Lou-Cipher3820d ago

@ kigmal

I think you are probably right about a million calls a day being made to Microsoft. I would assume that it is more than 1 bad call that gives MS such a horrible reputation regarding support.

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The story is too old to be commented.