2K Sports Changes the Way Players Are Rated in NBA 2K16

2K Sports has changed the way players are rated in NBA 2K16. The new rating system promises to reduce the success of "cheese".

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bluegod1247d ago

Wow! I don't know how well this is going to be put to practice but I love the fact that they are attempting something new with the ratings system. To my knowledge, this has to be the biggest shake-up in how players are represented/perform since the inception of ratings in sports games...

Lexiiii1247d ago

Great, now everyone is going to use James Harden in MyTEAM and get as many free throws as they can.

ahmexxxx1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Bruh DeAndre with 99 Rebound stats.

natanael031247d ago

It's good to see 2K spicing things up, but I don't believe this is gonna work. It's a video game and there are players that will always find a way to "CHEESE" online.

Mike041247d ago

finally at least they are trying to make the game more interesting, and a bit challenging. it is really not good that a single opponent online is tanking his 90+ rated player to get easy shots. and dropping cheese after cheese after cheese..

but i will have to wait to see if they did it first before i buy..coz if not i might keep playing my 2k15