AMD's DirectX 12 Advantage Explained - GCN Architecture More Friendly To Parallelism Than Maxwell

DSOGaming writes: "Since the release of Ashes of Singularity, a lot of controversy surrounded AMD’s spectacular results over NVIDIA’s underwhelming ones. Was this DX12 benchmark gimped in order to run faster on AMD’s hardware? Apparently not as‘s member ‘Mahigan’ shed some light on why there are so dramatic differences between AMD’s and NVIDIA’s results."

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BG115791154d ago

That was quite a nice surprise, yet it was some how expected. AMD was going to that direction of architecture when they started talking about mantle.
It's funny to think that it's because of AMD making GPU for consoles that started all of this.

john21153d ago

It will also be interesting to see what NVIDIA will now do (especially for games with high draw calls)

BG115791153d ago

They are going to follow, they have to.
DX12 is on every windows 8 system. If they don't follow the competition, they will be on the dust.
Nvidia always had the advantage over AMD, because they worked with MS onto incorporating DX technology into their products. With these recent evens, it does seem that AMD may have took a slight advantage.
If AMD are better performing and less expensive than the competition, it will certainly translate in good sales.
I'm probably exaggerating as there are more techs included in Nvidia products, but still...

APexGamer451153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

The whole point of DX12 is giving "console like" efficiency to PC.

Nvidia(while it was never close as console) had decent efficiency. They are known for their optimized drivers and what not.
AMD while it offered better power for its price, had low efficiency due to weaker drivers.

DX12 fixes this. It gives efficiency to both cards. AMD just have more to gain because it is currently being underutilized.

This is also why consoles in general wont gain much and very little from DX12. As MS dev who made this put it, this is giving "console efficiency to PC"

This is not to say consoles wont benefit at all though. Sony and MS constantly update their API when they find something. OpenGL had DX11 features even DX11 was even updated. Xbox 360 transferred some of PS3's processing method.

Overall, great news for AMD gamers and still good news for Nvidia.

donthate1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )


"The whole point of DX12 is giving "console like" efficiency to PC."

No, this isn't quite right. Mantle is about giving "console like" efficiency to PC, but DX12 is about overall performance upgrade.

As stated in the article, the CPU is the limiting factor for the GCN so moving the CPU load into a more parallel scheduling drastically improved the graphics output.

This jives up with what MS has consistently said about CPU bottlenecks and how MS decided to bump the CPU frequency and performance on Xbox One higher than PS4 instead of the GPU.

MS talked about balanced system, and it turns out we have been beefing up the GPU, but the CPU has not kept up.

DX12 has shown to be hugely beneficial on PC already with reports of 1600% increase, but even on the Xbox One reports are coming in great. This is just the beginning and it is a good time to be on Xbox/Windows eco-system right now!

ChickeyCantor1153d ago

Kronos tried before but developers were having non of it. It had to happen from a gamedev point of view.

gfk3421153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Of course DX12 is more friendly with AMD, BECAUSE DX12 is just the renamed version of Mantle.

I read somewhere that MS silently bought Mantle (for W10).

And I believed it because nothing was heard of Mantle after MS announced DX12 (even if AMD announced Mantle before DX12).

Also, at the organised events on DX12, the people presenting the benefits were none other than the AMD specialists.

So, this explains why AMD cards have an advantage.

darkequitus1153d ago

Wrong. You really need to check tor sources. Mantle is the foundation of vulkan (see and link). Watch the kronos group presentation on YouTube. They mention this explicitly. Direct 12 and mantle share no code.

gfk3421153d ago

Sorry,but your link doesn't prove anything.

In your link it says, "One of Mantle's future".

The key word is " one" meaning is not the only one.

darkequitus1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Proof. 2:00 min mark on link below. Kronos group clearly says AMD walks in a room gives them mantle to do what they like with it, no strings attached. So AMD gives mantle away with no strings attached, which you wrongly believes belongs to MS. Yet there is not evidence of your belief, only the exact opposite.

Kronos say they received mantle from MAD. AMD say they gave Mantle to kronos group. Yet you still believe MS bought mantle and renamed it DX12?

Enough said.

donthate1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Even then, mantle is just a small section of what DX12 is.

One of the main draws of DX12 isn't just the "console like" under the hood access that Mantle has, but also the CPU scheduling. This is often what credits for the massive gain you see in benchmarks up to 1600%.

The drawcalls are done a lot of faster in DX12 due to parallelism with the scheduling. It is now using all the CPU cores and spreading the load evenly to feed the GPU. The more CPU cores you have, the better the gains as long as your graphics card can handle it.

It is like going from a 2-lane highway, to a 4 or 8-lane freeway! You can now redline the car!

Obviously there are a lot more to DX12 than just this.

So to say that Mantle is DX12 is a understatement EVEN if it is right, which it obviously is not!

Pandamobile1146d ago

They don't share code, but the principles behind both APIs are practically identical.

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hiredhelp1153d ago

DX12 is more friendly with AMD, BECAUSE DX12 is just the renamed version of Mantle.

I read somewhere that MS silently bought Mantle (for W10).

What planet did that scource come from lol.

Nvidia later chip and greater chips was built around DX10 and DX11.
AMD always using the same method always had But with soo many setups out there games getting more demanding consumers forced to upgrade to reach what suits there needs best something had to be done.
New quad cores Mny games not utilizing many of thoes some CPU bound some Graghics hogs DX12 refines all this sorts It out.
Now we just need to see how good dx12 can do in future games I for one if DX12 is to be what they promised be like jumping from DX9 to DX12

MeliMel1153d ago

Im no tech whiz. Hear me out, Xbox One uses Amd chip right and Windows 10 unifies the platform with PC. Doesn't it make sense that DX12 was always gonna be better on AMD since XB1 has AMD apu?

Like I said Im trying to figure this out aswell. Oh and correct me if Im wrong, im not gonna google. Wasnt MS making the best API before AMDs Mantle was ever created? I think MS know how to make Api. I just think you're a salted individual because you running Nvidia and not getting the same gains. But Im sure they will fix this soon.

mixelon1153d ago

Strangest unfounded conspiracy theory I've seen in a while. Good job!

meanthyme1153d ago

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Father__Merrin1153d ago

Amd > Nvidia

Nvidia is far to overpriced

BVFTW1153d ago

Nvidia is far overpriced father, but still gives me better results and in some games additional effects. Nothing wrong having an Amd card though.

Rik_Mayall1153d ago

TDP > initial investment

When the majority of AMD cards throws out almost 50% more TDP the initial invest in comparison is cheap.

B1uBurneR1153d ago

Still debating which brand to put in my NEXT pc BUILD . Currently using AMD 8 CORE processor with gtx 750. Waiting on MS move to load pc games with XBOX achievements.

IrishSt0ner1153d ago

"a game’s draw calls are not its only bottleneck under DX12. Both 3D Mark’s DX12 benchmark and Ashes of Singularity use a lot of draw calls. However, a game may hit a Geometry or Rasterizer Operator bottleneck, in which case an NVIDIA GPU will outperform an AMD GPU."

It's a bit soon to claim AMD victory due to those cards being able to handle more draw calls under DX12.

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