Top 10 Memorable Moments In Gaming

PlayStation Lifestyle's Sev1512 writes: "This is gaming, there are so many memorable moments, which is why we keep coming back.

I started gaming with Atari, then NES, and since then I have owned every major console to be released other than the Xbox 360. So needless to say I have countless memorable moments.

Here are 10 moments that really stand out…"

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theusedfake4394d ago

a lot of those were some of
my most memorable moments as well.

UnSelf4394d ago

i think Lost Planet had at least one. That particular game for some reason didnt get as mch praise as it shouldve. Those boss battles were epic.

Aclay4394d ago

The End boss battle in MGS3, and literally every battle in Shadow of the Colossus was a memorable moment, and seeing the transition from in-game cutscenes to gameplay in Metal Gear Solid 4 was just a few of my memorable moments in gaming.

Shane Kim4394d ago

Psycho Mantis and the End boss fight are my top boss fights ever, they are just too good to be true, especially the End boss fight. And I really really liked fighting Vamp and RAY in MGS4.

Diugu4394d ago

the Ray vs Rex fight is awesome. ;D

Amanosenpai4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )




big shadow4394d ago

I remember when I was about 7 years old I played mortal kombat the first time, sub zero ripped off my head. I had nightmares that night

Diugu4394d ago

10 - Beating Bowser for the first time.
9 - First time I inserted the Uncharted blu-ray on my PS3 and saw the incredible graphics.
8 - All the fighting with Keftka Palazzo in Final Fantasy.
7 - Winning the Counter Strike state championship with my team. (Nerdy I know)
6 - Beating Contra without the Konami code (Many friends said I couldnt do it.. and even though some dont believe me, I did it).
5 - Battling the Colossus (all of them) in Shadow of the Colossus.
4 - The huge cutscene in act 3 of MGS 4 (Europe)
3 - All the moments in Final Fantasy VII (That game was very impressive for its time)
2 - Killing Ares and becoming the God of War in, well, God of War.
1 - The Battle vs Liquid in MGS4 (I would say more.. but that would be a heavy spoiler... but that moment rocked, the soundtrack, the images the suffering and it was right after that intense moment in the microwave corridor... I just loved it all. Best game ever.)

There are some I would like to add... It is hard to make a list.. oh well... I tried.

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The story is too old to be commented.