Here's the Collectors Edition Line Up for the Rest of the Year

Bond OO7 of the DRM Gamecast lays out all the US and UK releases for the rest of the year on Xbox One and PS4!

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-Foxtrot1156d ago

I don't understand how some of them are classed as collectors editions. Gears, Forza Motorsport 6 Ultimate Edition and Helldivers are limited editions as they feature nothing collectible.

bondoo7xbl1156d ago

Depends on what you want to collect. Some people like collecting digital skins etc. It's a broad term to encompass all the games that are more than just standard

-Foxtrot1156d ago

I've been collecting editions for a while and never heard of people collecting digital content

Digital stuff is more of a limited edition thing

Actual collectors editions include pysical collectible items

bondoo7xbl1156d ago

I personally don't really care. I like steelbooks. But i know people who love collecting all the skins for stuff. Companies have called digital editions collectors editions before as well. Like I said, It's just a broad term that people use to describe non-standard editions

-Foxtrot1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

" LikeI said,It's justa broad term that people use to describenon-standard editions"

And like I've said it's the reason we have the limited edition term. Collectors Editions are called collectors edition as they feature collectible's in the name. Limited is usually the ones that just feature the digital content, sometimes you might get steelbook or an artbook but I don't see how you can even think a game getting an edition featuring nothing but DLC is collectible

As I've said if the limited edition included a steelbook aswell then the only collectible thing in the edition would be the steel....not the DLC. Not to mention the DLC ends up being available to everyone after a while

bondoo7xbl1156d ago

So what your saying is the title should be "Here's the Collectors/Limited/Deluxe/Tact ical Elite/Big Ben/Ultimate/etc... editions of the game this year?

Collectors edition does not mean what you are saying. It's a term that the industry created. Look at the Taken King DIGITAL Collectors edition. That might be what you think of it as but that is not the case. It's whatever the company wants it to be.

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MrSwankSinatra1156d ago

It doesn't matter collector's editions (physical or digital) is overpriced useless junk anyways.

dumahim1156d ago

To be fair, neither of those games actually have a Collector's Editions. Maybe the title would have been more correct to say special editions instead of collector's.

Jaqen_Hghar1156d ago

God damn the UK and their steel book editions. Now a man will have to ebay those after release. A man loves him some steel books. Gonna get the Uncharted collection and Until Dawn ones (pretty sure he's gonna love that game and not ever sell it like all his favorites)

-Foxtrot1156d ago

If you think the UK gets a lot you should see the amount of ones Germany does

DivineAssault 1156d ago

Not big on these collectors editions anymore.. I had to get the MGS V version but thats it.. Give me a steel book case, some dlc, & im happy.. No more statues n all that taking up space.. I would like that metal gear PS4 but not buying a new console just for that.

MrSwankSinatra1155d ago

TBH most people who buy into collectors editions don't even realize they're being exploited. When you get down in to nitty gritty of it a lot of these colllectors editions are just overpriced junk that serve no real purpose other than to take up space. Like think back CE's used to be relatively rare, hardly any company made them. They were just fun little upgrades that didn't cost to much and were very neatly packaged. Now they're overpriced, overproduced and just come with junk like huge statues, flags, bobbleheads, cheap steelbooks, lithographs, lousy making of DVD's/Blu-Rays, etc. These companies saw an opportunity to exploit fans and they took it and I don't see it stopping anytime soon because the market is huge right now.

I personally used to be one of those exploited fans until I realized that these CE's are becoming more about the extra stuff rather than the game itself. So I got rid of almost all my CE's and I just buy the regular game now and TBH it was the best decision I made. No more wasting hundreds of dollars on useless stuff I don't use. I can't actually wait until games are cheaper unlike when I bought CE's I had to lock in my pre-order before stores sold out.

The only series I buy CE's for is The Legend of Zelda series which are very few and far between.

Razputin1156d ago

Good lord, seems like I have to move to the UK to get nice stuff for my games.

I have what I wanted preordered mainly MGS5 and Fallout 4 collector's. But some of those would be amazing additions if at least for the steel books.

Regis1156d ago

Yeah I'm glad I got my fallout 4 pipboy edition before it sold out.

Mike041156d ago

Free digital contents supposed to be described as limited edition, not under collectors edition.

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