Atlus Hints At New Game Announcement

Publisher Atlus is hinting at yet another game announcement for the Western market. This time, they've sent over a picture zoomed in at least 1000x along with the letters T, S, and L shown above in hangman fashion.

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Wildarmsjecht4315d ago

I like atlus, always enjoyed their style. Hope it;s an RPG :)

sushipoop4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

these countdown things are getting annoying and old. seriously not every game deserves a countdown.

Aclay4315d ago

Atlus definantly had better days during the PS2 era.

One of their latest game released on the Xbox 360 (Operation Darkness) has a Metacritic score of 40 for gods sake. At this point I don't think that anything released from Atlus deserves a countdown unless it's a sequel to a game that was well recieved on the PS2 that was developed by them, like Odin Sphere.

The_EE_God4315d ago

They published it buddy. They had no hand in developing it (read: localization only)

Baka-akaB4315d ago

besides they arent having a bad day at all in this generation with Persona 3 , p3 FES , and now and soon Persona 4 , even if on (the still strong ps2) .

Darkiewonder4315d ago

Vanillaware was the creator of Odin Sphere.

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The story is too old to be commented.