PS Vita 1000 L2/R2 Triggers Accessory for PS4 Remote Play Seriously Considered; Results Posted

At the beginning of the week, the Japanese manufacturer Joetsu Electronic Industries posted on Twitter asking gamers to retweet in order to express their interest in a PS Vita 1000 version of their PS Vita 2000-only accessory that adds L2 and R2 triggers for PS4 remote play. They also mentioned that they would consider the whole week as a reference period.

Today they posted the results of the experiment.

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Snookies121247d ago

I'd buy the hell out of it...

George Sears1247d ago

I'd love to replay the MGS collection with these triggers.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1246d ago

finally a attachment for L2-R2 triggers hate using the back touch pad for it always accidentally hit it or i had trouble hitting it to register that i touch the L2-R2 button. Specially for remote play games.

KryptoniteTail1246d ago

Id buy it. Im sure Sony watches this kinda stuff with great interest. The data should be useful to them for a successor. I will support it to show we want these features.

gokuking1246d ago

There won't be a third Sony handheld.

Killzoner991246d ago

I think it's pretty obvious there will be a successor to the Vita. Sony hasn't even stopped supporting the Vita yet. With the massive success of the PS4 Sony will no doubt aim to dominate the handheld market as well.

MegaRay1246d ago

Will it work for vita games or just remote play?

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The story is too old to be commented.