Blizzard's Next Game Could Be More Successful Than WoW

Kotaku writes: "Blizzard's team doesn't care for the term "killer app," used to describe a program or product - in this case, a certain MMO - that single-handedly shaped the market around its platform. In fact, when we asked about World of Warcraft's unshakable hold on the massively multiplayer biz, game director Jeffrey Kaplan was humble.

"I don't believe that WoW is untouchable," he said. 'I completely believe that a game could come out and be more successful than WoW. I'm hoping that we're working on it right now.'"

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i_like_ff74328d ago

How do you get more successful then wow?

Xandet4328d ago

on PC, PS3, and 360. If you want a larger market, well there you go.

solar4328d ago

at 1.1

approx. 230 mil pc's compared to approx. 40 mil combined 360's/ps3's. sorry, but no need for Blizzard to put resources into the console market yet.

and Blizzard's only threat is themselves. you slap Blizzard on the front of any MMO and their name alone will get ppl to try.

Panthers4328d ago

SC2 could be. I mean its Star Craft. Its a lot more accessible than WoW too because you dont have to spend a ton of time and money playing it.

"I really believe you're only as good as your last game. I really think you gave to prove it every time," said Kaplan.

So true. Wish all devs believed this.

Sanhlami4328d ago

There will be more people then WoW when there is a game with the quality of WoW or better and has no SUBSCRIPTION FEE then I believe we have ourselves a winner.

Lionsguard4328d ago

You seem to fail at realizing what success actually means. If they released a game LIKE WOW meaning BONAFIDE MMO not some pseudo online game like Guildwars but I mean Full blow MMO, no instancing for every zone and huge content updates for FREE and had 50 million players it would still be a huge failure compared to WoW. Why you ask? because the company isn't making any money. over 10 million people are paying blizzard $15 a month that is success, being able to make people pay you monthly for a service not giving a service away for free unless they ad bomb you every 10 seconds. Such a game may succeed in a gameplay standpoint if it's good but the service won't last and it'd never reach the success of WoW in a business standpoint.

Lionsguard4328d ago

Anything more successful than WoW would implode the universe.

IaMs124328d ago

Actually i heard it might be the Starcraft MMO... heard its coming this might be able to knock WoW off the top.. but does it matter to Blizzard they are just knocking themselves off the top for another game of theirs lol