Star Wars Battlefront's 1st Person vs 3rd Person View

Which one will reign supreme when Star Wars Battlefront releases in November 17th? And how are they so different. Let's discuss!

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sactownlawyer9161246d ago

Yup 3rd person unless sniping.

Majin-vegeta1246d ago

Snipers have scopes so it will zoom in like if you be playing 1st person.But 3rd person is the way to go just to see all the action going on all around you.

3-4-51246d ago

Both is better, and they included them both because depending on the situation one is maybe a bit more favorable than the other.

Also now everyone is complains about view.

raggy-rocket1246d ago

I'm so excited for this game. First person tie fighter squadron dogfighting with friends, you're all I need.

PlayableGamez1246d ago

3rd Person all day every day

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The story is too old to be commented.