Early Game of the Year candidates for 2015

The year is just passed half way over, and the same thing always seems to happen annually. There are a few amazing games that come out before the fall season that end up getting forgotten about by the end of the year. With games such as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Mad Max, and Star Wars: Battlefront releasing in the coming months, one can see how it would be easy to get lost in that shuffle.

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AdrianSmith7771920d ago

Rocket League,clearly the best (Loving it)

Aery1920d ago

Batman AK
Heroes of the Storm.

Insomnia_841920d ago

I don't mean to be that guy but..

Not a single XBone exclusive in that list.


lelo2play1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

When someone includes on the list Rocket League and a bunch of remasteers as GOTY, you can't take that list seriously.
Rocket League is a ok game to play for a couple of hours, but that's it. No way in hell it's GOTY material.

Insomnia_841920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Rocket League is an awesome game! I already got that Platinum and I still go back to play it sometimes. Just yesterday I stopped plaging the BOPS3 beta to go play RL again for awhile.

In my opinion, Bloodborne is the best game in that list.

aquaticDonut1920d ago

IMO, nothing's held a candle to Witcher 3 so far. But, hey, there's still XCOM 2, MGS, and Fallout 4 coming out.

darren_poolies1920d ago

I found The Witcher 3 a bit diappointing personally and I can't even figure out why. Bloodborne is my GOTY so far and I can't really see anything topping it (maybe Metal Gear).

Grap1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

So far Yes no game compete with Witcher 3, but hey there's still Fallout 4 and MGSV Persona 5.

nowitzki20041920d ago

Its between Bloodborne and Witcher 3 imo. Really hard to pick between those, They both deserve it. And if MGSV or Fallout 4 top those then bring it on.. Great gaming year.

AndrewLB1920d ago

The Witcher 3 beats out the others by a wide margin. The only reason someone would choose Bloodborne over TW3 is pure unadulterated mouthbreathing fanboyism.

Spyroo1920d ago

Lmao what?
I own Witcher 3 on PC and Bloodborne on PS4 since its exclusive of course but also for me Bloodborne is my personal GOTY
Just because someone likes another game which is a exclusive does not mean it's fanboy decision that's retarded.

ninsigma1920d ago

You have some serious fanboy issues if you don't think bloodborne is a goty contender. It's one of the best games this generation. I prefer bloodborne but I'm no fanboy. I'm not saying you have to like the game at all but for God's sake acknowledge great games when it's true! This article is about great games of the year on all platforms and you've turned it into another flame war argument. Though going by your past posts, I don't think anyone is surprised.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1920d ago

Lmao what ? Maybe people have different opinions and prefer the Souls games to Witcher. Not their fault Xbox exclusives are never considered GOTY material.

Spotie1919d ago

Souls games have been legitimate GOTY contenders since Demon's Souls, and Bloodborne is definitely of the same quality.

Seems to me like it'd take pure unadulterated mouth-breathing fanboyism to claim it's not at least worthy of being in the argument.

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littlezizu1920d ago

Ranking my personal top 3 GOTY so far
1. Bloodborne
2. Witcher 3
3. Helldivers

I expected these games MGS, Fallout, Dragon Quest Heroes and Persona 5 to impact My GOTY Ranking when released.

robtion1920d ago

Big agree to Bloodborne at 1 and Witcher at 2. Both awesome games.

littlezizu1920d ago

True both are awesome, but bloodborne gameplay is way better than witcher.

Bathyj1920d ago

I don't know about GotY but Helldivers is a great game. Deserves more buzz then it's gotten.

littlezizu1920d ago

Hopefully with the physical release this month will help the game.

DragonKing811920d ago

I would put Witcher 3 number 1

fermcr1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

The Witcher 3 is the favorite for GOTY (so far), followed by Ori And The Blind Forest and Cities: Skylines.

ninsigma1920d ago

No I think it's between witcher 3 and bloodborne for possible goty based on games released so far.

fermcr1920d ago

Bloodborne is over-hyped crap.

nowitzki20041920d ago

I agree with Witcher 3 its my favorite and might be the best game since RDR as far as open world games go. Ori was good but its not GOTY material.

ninsigma1920d ago

I would agree with him that ori is a contender. Such an awesome game but I think in general, so far people are looking towards witcher or bb for their goty which is what I meant from my original post here. But you're right that there's no way bb is not a contender. The game was incredible on so many levels!

ninsigma1920d ago

Highest rated game this generation is overhyped crap?? Yeah good one xD

nowitzki20041920d ago

But Ori is a GOTY contender... Go figure that one out.. I played Ori and its a beautiful game but Bloodborne is on a different level.

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