Greatness Comes in Threes: Best Trilogies in Gaming - Part Two

SPC writes, "The trilogy-- in movies it's a common occurrence with hugely successful blockbusters whether it's Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Toy Story, or Back to the Future. Trilogies are also pretty common in gaming as well, but at the same token, an actual good trilogy is a completely different matter. This new article series details some of the very best trilogies that our hobby and industry have been able to create in its much shorter lifespan. This second edition (the first was seen last week) deals with more recent trilogies both official and unofficial."

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LoveSpuds2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

My personal favourite is the Uncharted series, suprised that Mass Effect and Gears of War didnt get a mention in this article.

Phil322716d ago

No worries. They're coming in a future edition!

wonderfulmonkeyman2716d ago

It's sad to think that both Metal Arms: Glitch in the System and Banjo-Kazooie could have joined this list, but now they'll never get the chance...

Phil322716d ago

Yeah, Banjo-Kazooie is one of my favorite platformers of all time. I own Metal Arms and still need to play that. I know I went out of my way to pick it up.

PygmelionHunter2716d ago

Metroid Prime. It's not even a question.