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Silogon4324d ago

Oh no, someone is tired of waiting in the welfare lines. Too bad, really. I hope, in this instance, Sony and EA have their way with his ass.

Hydrolex4324d ago

go fix your dead xbox 360 instead of coming to N4G

Party Boy4324d ago

Just because he's black he has to be on welfare? You racist POS!

mikeslemonade4324d ago

HAHA Jim Brown is such a biased bot.

Silogon4324d ago

You must be putting words into that mouse you have in your pocket, chump stain. I never said anything about him being black, ya D*ck twist.

I guess you're the one with the racial issues here cause you're the one who had to make mention of his skin color. Seems to me you've got issues, buddy.

Might need to get those feelings checked. I heard Michale Richards is accepting car pools.

TheBatman_Fanatic4324d ago

no its the fact that hes black and u bring up welfare? I didnt see any welfare comments when they was talking about cliff b getting told to STFU

Pain4323d ago

most likely that case why they not there.

syanara4323d ago

i doubt this guy will win this court case but w/e

BigPappaPump4323d ago

He have more money than three generation of your trailor trash family put together, [email protected]$$!

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Viktor E4324d ago

He's not a turd if he wants some Money off a successful multi million dollar franchise that used his likeness without his permission.

And who can blame him for suing Sony,the Playstation brand is still the biggest brand in video gaming,so it's not a surprise why he would believe the brand to be associated with all gaming.

GameOn4324d ago

They made money off of him, it's only right that he gets some money back off them.

Oh yeh and you really shouldn't go around calling black people turds. It's generally bad for your health.

Bangladesh4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Someone needs to call Kojima out as well.


and then let us create him

PistolPumptMonk4324d ago

Bangledesh, don't you have anything better to do than subliminally hate on the PS3 24/7?

Stop being such a prick.

Bangladesh4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I happen to like my ps3. But it's certainly not "godlike" or imo the best console this generation, like alot of people on here spew. If it was, I would be agreeing with these seemingly delusional people.

And Kojima is the biggest rip-off artist in the development community. It's not a secret that numerous characters in the MG series were taken straight from popular American movies. I also happen to think Halo was a rip-off of Starship Troopers, does that make you feel better?

Playstation Man4324d ago

Equals multiple account for Silogon. Same sorry "I own a PS3" story.

Bangladesh4324d ago

WTF are you talking about? I just joined this site a few days ago. I don't know anyone here.

t-0_ot-4324d ago

Don't listen to what Playstation Man, or anyone else for that matter, has to say. Just a heads up.. Everybody is Somebody [Else] Here.
So, if someone accuses you as being someone else, either go along with it or ignore it.

Hell, since everyone wants to accuse someone of having at least One Other Account; As far as I'm concerned all the xBox fanboys are One Person and all the PS3 fanboys are One person.. Ha!

Bangladesh4324d ago

Oh, o.k. I just came here from Gamespot, because their forum moderation is overly strict. This place so far seems like System Wars x 2 lol.

Sayai jin4323d ago

@Bangladesh-Welcom to this board. I have never used Gamespot system, but N4G has a great idea. Perfect news for gamers!!! But sadly this site is over run by people who use dilusional, biased, ideas and or comments. I am not talking about people who just prefer a certain console or developer, but ones who do not use rationallity and are pro anything for their system and spin any negative news. N4G has tried to counter this by creating two zones, one the Gamer Zone - where one can have a civilized discussion, and the other zone the "Open" zone where anything goes (in concept). Even though the mods have been cleaning this board a lot people evn use the pending new section for their purpose by blocking legit stories or reporting an article that does not go along with their idealism. So you will see that certain things ou say while they might be correct will et you flamed. Read ya around.

Game on...

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dktxx24324d ago

Come on Jim your better than this.

Sayai jin4323d ago

Apparetly the companies invovled should habve been better than this too.

supergamer4324d ago

why sue sony they didnt make or publish the game?

dannyhinote_134324d ago

I honestly have no idea. Maybe it was exclusive to a Sony platform? That's pretty much the only thing I could think of.

Viktor E4324d ago

I think it's because the last good Madden sold best on the Playstation 2.

Dark vader4324d ago

He can't sue sony, because sony did not make the game nor did they published it.


The PS3 is getting the anniversary addition with all the greats and hall of famers which the 360 isn't getting .

I might be wrong so don't shoot me .

t-0_ot-4324d ago

I agree with everything you guys are saying. But, doesn't Sony hafta agree to letting them put Madden on their console? So, I guess, that could be one reason why he can sue Sony..?

But, iuno, I'm confused on that as well.

mentalboy114323d ago

its like suing Nvidia for copyright infringements in crysis.

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Viktor E4324d ago

It's articles like these that remind us just how dominant Sony still are,he didn't even acknowledge Microsoft.

ukilnme4324d ago

I guess you can sleep better tonight after you pray to the almighty Sony.

ThanatosDMC4324d ago

It's a pot and kettle kind of prayer...