Halo 5: Guardians Has the Largest Halo Campaign Ever | XBA

What more can we say about Halo 5: Guardians that hasn't already been said? 343 Industries' latest stab at the franchise promises to be one of the most ambitious Halo games to date, with the biggest, most expansive campaign in the series, and a huge multiplayer offering that's looking to net both the everyday Halo fan and the hardened eSports Halo pro player. The only thing missing is split-screen co-op, but we've already covered our disappointment with that in a previous preview.

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sammarshall1021154d ago

I'm loving everything I hear about this game. I can see this being the best Halo yet

And after replaying Halo 4 recently I'm even more anxious. I loved the Halo 4 campaign

4Sh0w1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

I also loved Halo4's campaign, my biggest complaint was that it was a bit on the short side. Now that this will be the largest campaign ever if 343 can manage to keep the same pacing as Halo4(very well done) while telling an equal or better story I feel like 343 will finally get the true recognition they deserve= In other words I think if the Halo community really likes Halo5 campaign and multiplayer then its safe to say they no longer just a good dev lucky to be taking over a great franchise from Bungie, but instead solidify themselves as great devs who make great Halo games for a new generation. Naysayers of course will try to knock it but when you look at all the things 343/Microsoft are trying to do with Halo5 its evident they are putting their heart 'n soul into this game= huge effort, massive amount of content.

-I absolutely loved the Beta, then the new Warzone map with the 24 player count, vehicles, Banshees, weapons, enemy AI everywhere -looks like every Halo fans wet dream and all the competitive gameplay footage we've seen from pros playing looks like its a blast with the new tactics and features.

Damm Halo has been my most played game since the original Xbox so I'm always pretty excited for the next one. Halo 4 was great, now it seems 343 has made so much progress since then I think all signs are definitely pointing to this being the best Halo yet.

If you haven't already done so, go listen to the Hunt the Truth episodes, they lay the groundwork for some very interesting Halo campaign stories.

gaffyh1154d ago

I guess it depends on how the campaign is bigger. Halo 3 is the last one I played fully, and I found that a lot of the game was getting to the objective, then going back through the level to get out of there. So essentially they doubled up the gameplay time in that way in a lot of areas. It was still fun, but it was also obvious what they were doing. Hoepfully it isn't like that.

christocolus1154d ago


I cant wait to jump on this. 343i seems to be expanding everything and so far i'm quite impressed with all i've seen and stuff ive read also Frank connor recently teased halo hunt the truth season 2, according to him it will be bigger and better than the first.

jb2271153d ago

The article was referring to "larger" in the sense of the maps & areas in the game, not necessarily the runtime for the campaign. Dunno if 343 has commented on the length of the campaign yet. I think it's typically best for devs to not comment on runtime because some players will fly through a game and others will take their time, so it'd have to be difficult to reveal a specific timeframe then gamers would be upset if their playtime was any less than specifically confirmed.

Kingdomcome2471153d ago

@jb227- They've stated the approximate campaign length as being sixteen hours.

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3-4-51154d ago

* I'm most excited about the 20 multiplayer maps at launch + 15 Free DLC maps by June 2016.

I think Halo 4 launched with 8-9 maps.

Can't wait to play this game.

user99502791154d ago

i'm working through MCCs campaigns for the first tme right now. i played all the Halo games on release, but i was younger and had forgotten how insanely powerful the story is.

that being said, i never could get more than a couple levels into 4. im right near the end of 3 now, so I will definitely push through 4 before I start 5.

though ill play 4 with some trepidation. i loved 1 through 3, but the impression I get from how people talk about 4 is that 343i has gone in a completely different direction, with the story being a much more personal story surrounding Master Chiefs inner struggle. im not so sure I like that idea, seems a but too emotional for me. definitely going to give it a fair shake,

just drop me in that Warzone and watch me go =D

AzubuEntus1154d ago

"Halo 5: Guardians Has the Largest Halo Campaign Ever | XBA"

That's good to hear. Any game worth $59.99 should fulfill and be worth its price tag.

PistolsAtDawn1153d ago

Halo 4 EASILY has the best campaign, not only from the Halo Universe, but probably one of the best campaigns period...

It's one of the few that was so good that I still remember every bit of it...usually I like them, then move on and forget details. H4 took criticism for it's MP and some of it was well deserved, but at the same time, I notice now when I play H4 in MCC I usually want to play the Halo 4 maps (esp in Team Swat which is my favorite mode)'s amazing how well the Halo 4 maps still hold up this gen even without being "upgraded", if you didn't know you'd think it's a Gen 8 game.

Either way, Halo 5 looks to raise the bar in SP AND far there isn't a single aspect to this game that seems even remotely negative to me. Between H5 and Fallout 4 my issue is finding time for all the other games I want to play....first world problems.

PuppetMaster2511150d ago

I certainly wouldn't say it was the best campaign ever... (even though it was quite good)

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-Foxtrot1154d ago

Well we'll see

Pretty sure I heard the same thing about Halo 4

-Foxtrot1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

I literally never said anything about the quality of Halo 4

It's just short

Masterchief_thegoat1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

reading your comment telling me you not giving h4 Story enough credit. to me is not goty type ,but i enjoy the game. great story which is the best in series plus , I enjoy h4 online even though some didn't .

-Foxtrot1154d ago

"reading your comment telling me you not giving h4 Story enough credit"

You got all that from my comment above...urm...ok

What do you want me to say like

Masterchief_thegoat1154d ago

''What do you want me to say like'' all you had to do, is say something positive .. is that hard to write but no. we all know h4 was short but that does not take away people enjoy the story more then h1,h2 and h3...

alb18991154d ago ShowReplies(2)
1154d ago
Azzanation1153d ago

What was wrong with Halo 4?

-Foxtrot1153d ago

For Christ sake. I never said anything bad about Halo 4 quality wise, I never said ANYTHING is wrong except the fact it's short.

You guys see things which aren't there.....Jesus Christ.

Azzanation1153d ago


Well when you say quote *Pretty sure I heard the same thing about Halo 4* its clear that to you they didn't live up to it. Why else would you say something like that?

-Foxtrot1152d ago


Didn't live up to how long they said it was going to be.

Nothing about the quality of the game or how it was to play


spicelicka1148d ago

"Halo 5’s campaign is the biggest campaign that has been developed to date. It is a little less than TWICE the size of Halo 4’s campaign"

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greenmiker1154d ago

The areas of Halo 5 look really huge. Nice read here, with positive and negative opinion. Regarding split-screen, I don't understand why they removed it...

TheHaloGuy1154d ago

To reach 60 frames. Well see if that was the right choice or not.

Masterchief_thegoat1154d ago

you gotta wait my friend.. i just want 343, to make the big halo yet

aconnellan1154d ago

I'd say it also comes down to MCC's feedback.

A lot of people complained that the frame rate dropped a lot during split screen play, so it looks like 343i took that feedback and cut split screen to make frame rate their top priority.

Like you said, we'll see how it goes.

user99502791154d ago

Feel free to blame a generation of senseless pixel counters for a generation of castrated games.

Traditionally, console gamers were focused on games. Nowadays, console gamers believe that they all own top of the line PCs, and expect their consoles to perform as such. And so this is what we get.

spicelicka1153d ago

They've explained it many times, there were just too many limitations graphically and technically if they incorporated it. Removing it allowed them to accomplish alot more than they could have.

Exactly what those changes are, we'll find out when we play the game.

I agree it sucks having no splitscreen though, but its not gonna stop me from getting the game.

jb2271153d ago

Could they not have downgraded some of those elements for the split screen in order to include it? Seems like split screen fans would've been fine w/ a loss in effects & visual fidelity if they got the chance to play it. It's not like the performance in standard mp or the sp campaign would've been affected in anyway if split screen was not being utilized. It's just a bit of a shame because a huge game like Halo dropping split screen after being known for it kinda puts a big nail in the coffin of couch co op in general.

spicelicka1152d ago

^^ many have said that, and I'm sure they've considered it. But they revealed that the engine was built from the ground up to support 60 fps at all times, that meant it couldn't really support split-screen. Their plan was to try to squeeze it in later on.

But that didn't work so they removed it unfortunately. That's what I know anyway.

Masterchief_thegoat1154d ago

Oct is halo nation baby! if the game come flawless on the release date this could be goty contender.. master chief all day

KimikoGaming1154d ago

I am excited for Halo 5, and I am sure it will be a great game. But I highly doubt it will stand a chance for GOTY against games such as BloodBorne, Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, MGSV, Xenoblade Chronicles X, or Persona 5.

slate911154d ago

Bloodborne can stand against mgsV? I disagree.

shloobmm31154d ago

Bloodborne doesn't deserve to be on that list.

KimikoGaming1154d ago


Why not? The game was *bloody* amazing. It and The Witcher 3 are the best new games that have come out so far this year for current gen systems.

Dirtnapstor1154d ago

Shloob is just saying that because Bloodborne is not multiplat. Envy.

spicelicka1153d ago

I think the real reason it probably won't get GOTY is because no matter how good it turns out there are just too many halo haters out there. It's such a huge franchise that there's a lot of people who hate it but haven't even played it. It's sad and stupid, but true.

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vikingland11154d ago

I loved the story,gunplay and graphics in H4. I do hope they change the missions up alot more though. H4 was too much kill every thing and hit a switch or button. If H5 has more diverse missions it will be great!

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