NBA 2K16 has some surprising alcohol and violent references

The ESRB has reveal some surprising details, including alcohol and violent references, for NBA 2K16.

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PlayableGamez1152d ago

Maybe drunken fights in the crowd? It happens at games.

Blaze9291152d ago

*looks at article picture*

FOX NEWS: New "NBA" game features players throwing GANG signs. Find out why you should be aware, tonight on FOX.

iceman061151d ago

We tracked this notoriously ruthless gang to their secret lair, which oddly was a practice gym, to see if we could get some more information. We spotted rather large, thugs all wearing clothes with the insignia of a Pelican. We assume that is actually the gangs name. What we witnessed were these large men training. They ran up and down, screaming at one another. Often throwing up these signs as a show of respect when things went well. At the end, they all retreated to a small room which they claimed was a locker room!?! We can't say for sure what went on in their. Were there guns? Drugs? All that we know is that when they arose from this so called "locker room", we could not tell them apart. THAT is scary because they could be walking among YOU!!!
As of now their leader, who many refer to by his gang title "Coach", refused comment. He would only say, when pressed about the nature of the training, that they were preparing for a "game". Which we can only assume means a gang war! We'll have more from this story at 10.

TeamLeaptrade1151d ago

So it sounds like there's going to be more realistic storylines in a Basketball game. I suppose it's one way of making a game a bit more fresh.