IGN: NDS Game of the Month: July 2008

DS Game of the Month: Final Fantasy IV

Why IGN picked it: This isn't your average "DS RPG" experience. Random battles will kick the crap out of you, and skipping text will get you instantly lost, but the reward for a battle well done is the satisfaction that the game's designers threw whatever hardships they could at you, and you prevailed. It's an RPG that makes you feel for your characters, fight for every level, and strategize before battles in ways new role-playing games don't bother to do anymore. For fans, FFIV is an impressive resurrection to an awesome, pioneering RPG. For newcomers, this is a lesson in "hardcore gaming 101," but if you put in the time, and put up with the difficulty, you'll have a chance to really "get" what Final Fantasy is all about.

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PS360WII4361d ago

Game of the month for FFIV like that was a hard call ^.-