1UP: Saints Row 2 Updated Hands-On Impressions Preview

Compared to the original Saints Row, the second installment lets you customize your gangs even further. Not only can you customize the types of graffiti your gang tags territory with, the cars they drive around in, or even the signs they throw up on the street, but you can also choose uniforms. Not just bandannas of a certain color or specific kinds of jackets, but full-on ensemble outfits for both ground-level thugs and middle-management lieutenants. A sample of the uniform themes that stood out include '80s (heck, yeah -- headbands, loud pastels, and huge hair), pimp-n-ho, bodyguards, "prephop" and ninja.

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Silogon4324d ago

It looks 10 folds better than GTA4, graphically.
It has more options than GTA4
It looks to control 10x's better than GTA4 if the 1st one is anything to go off of.

and the list grows bigger and bigger. GTA is a memory. A franchise who played it safer and safer and didn't stray from their last gen gameplay at all.

See ya GTA. After that abysmal 4th installment with those boring characters you better bring something more to the next table.

shazam4324d ago

is hopes its is betters thans gand thefts autos fours