Does anyone care about Animal Crossing: City Folk?

Symbiote Studios: We discuss the latest itteration of the Animal crossing series, is it the hardcore game Nintendo fans are waiting for? Can Wii speak and a new city change the series? Is it the next big step or is it just the same animal crossing game you've been playing since 2002?

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nintendostar4328d ago

aw now your article is obsolete

HeavyweightInTheGame4328d ago

I'm not a real fan of the Wii, but my brother has one. I think I'll check it out when it's released. It looks pretty interesting for a Wii game compared to the other stuff they showed at E3.

phantomexe4327d ago

I played the one on the gamecube alot for about a week then it got real boreing.I'd say people will have fun with this for awhile being its online.Not really my idea of a core game and alot of others feel the same.

jay24327d ago

Yeah I am. I've played and own allthe AC accept the gamecube one.

BrotherNick4327d ago

I think it'll be great fun for new gamers and gamers who like the DS one.

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The story is too old to be commented.