The Debt: Director’s Cut is one of the darkest GTA 5 videos we’ve seen yet – and it’s pretty great

VG 24/7:

"As we’ve said before, we’re constantly amazed at the creativity oozing from the gaming community, and this GTA 5 video is no exception."

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FoxyGotGame1180d ago

That was pretty cool....It's awesome that PS4/X1 will be getting the video editor in the next GTA V update )

1nsomniac1179d ago

That was pretty amazing to be fair.

TheGameMechanics1179d ago

Thank you for the really kind comments about my first GTA V Short; first short I've made period actually, never expected so much support from the community, kinda blown away by it all. Thank you again guys!

FoxyGotGame1179d ago

You deserve it!

There's clearly a lot of time and effort in your creation. That alone deserves credit.

So thank you! /