Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 review

On paper, the GTX 950 doesn't look like a hugely enticing proposition - it's a cut-down version of an existing product and it's clearly aimed at the more value-conscious gamer, with performance to match. Indeed, it seems to exist mostly to nullify a tiny niche occupied by AMD's new R7 370. And yet, we rather like assessing the budget cards like this. Reviewing the latest and greatest is all about seeing how fast they are, but at the lower end of the spectrum, it's all about experimenting, tweaking settings, seeing just how much you can get away with in pursuit of great visuals and decent performance. In this respect, the GTX 950 doesn't disappoint.

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ABizzel11205d ago

My 950 review:

Buy a GTX 960 or R9 380 instead. Much better performance for $40 more.

ABizzel11204d ago


On newegg you can buy GTX 960's for $175 right now...$15 more for much better performance. This card needs a serious price drop, along with the 750 / 750 ti while they're at it.

I got my 750 Ti for $100 a year ago, and that's the price it should be now, with the 950 sitting at $140.

Mega241205d ago

Its a Moba card, perfect for those who just want to play Mobas and Simple MMO's at a good 1080p stable 60fps.

1nsomniac1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Someone's been taken in by Nvidia marketing speel regarding featured latency response on this card to give you the edge in MOBA games. 0.2 or whatever it is, is non distinguishable to the eye, brain or reflex & is also dependable on CPU, HDD, M/B etc... It's really not going to give any one the edge in MOBA games.

I think Nvidia need to start being careful with their marketing. Comparing it to being " 3x as powerful as the previous model" but actually using the 650 as the previous model is being purposefully deceitful. It actually runs no better & infact worse in a lot of instances than the 760 which should cost you less.

Mega241205d ago

It does though, if the enemy team is running Intel HD 4000 Graphics.

It's just a budget card for Budget people. I myself don't believe in low cost Cards that can handle big performance. Better to go big with a GTX 970 or R9 390.

ABizzel11205d ago

They're still better off with a 960 for $40 more and get well over 60fps in MOBAs as well as great performance in more demanding games.

This is a pointless card, because the 960, 280, and 380 are much better cards for a similar price $10 - $40 more.

BenRage31205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I don't see the R9 370 as a niche card. Many people like to buy cards like that and over clock them in order to save money. Why even buy an R9 370X unless you plan to over clock it when you can get comparable performance while paying less?

DarkZane1205d ago

I'd rather keep my GTX 770 than buy a 950 or 960.