Wii U: What's In A Name?

After a Nintendo localiser defended the naming of the console, James Pettegrow discusses why the Wii U hasn't done very well.

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Nischayraval1153d ago

Omg...o...o..thats nice and effective...

FallenAngel19841153d ago

This is a very well written article. There are indeed more problems for Wii U than just its name.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

It's a sad face that face value is something that has a significant impact on the starting push of sales for a console.
And the name is a part of that face.

Even if the name makes sense in hindsight, when considering the much more non-casual focus of the Wii U compared to the Wii, it's still a fact that abhorrent marketing efforts made that effort in its name ineffective.

They should have had a better name picked out instead of just slapping a U on the end.
Heck, improving the specs and going with its code name, "Revolution", would have garnered it more sales than the name it's got now.

As would a new design for the console, but I digress...

I don't agree with all the points made in the article (the points about the game pad, most of all, considering it's what I used to type up this very post so I find it quite beneficial), but the name of the system, and the confusion it caused in lieu of proper explanation through advertisement, definitely didn't do the system any favors.

The general masses like short, easy, clear descriptions when looking into a product.
While it may not speak highly of the public's patience, having to explain what a console is due to its name being confusing is something that Nintendo has deservedly suffered from.

superchiller1153d ago

It's great to see you finally admit that not only the name of the Wii U was a mistake, but the design itself. That's what many have claimed all along; too many features were outright left out of the base console, and too many specs were heavily scaled back, all to accommodate the expensive gamepad gimmick. Had Nintendo put a little more effort into the design, and not based their console on a gimmick (like they did for the Wii before it), they'd be in a lot better shape today.

Let's hope that the NX doesn't follow the same pattern of the last two home consoles; if it does, they might as well just throw in the towel right now, because this approach just doesn't work anymore.

wonderfulmonkeyman1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

@ chiller
Sorry to burst your hopeful bubble, but I haven't "admitted" to anything.
Your belief, as you've made clear before, is that the console was too weak to develop good games on, and was a failure.
I don't believe or accept that for a second.

Again, the game pad is a benefit to the console.
Without it, games like Zombi U, Mario Maker, and Splatoon would not exist in their current forms.
It's not a negative, as your use of the word gimmick in the derogatory sense implies.
It's one of the best accessories Nintendo has thought up for any of their consoles thus far, and is certainly the most useful when devs use it right.
The pad is not the reason it's only at 10M in sales. (which, btw, is not far behind XBon, and no one calls that a failure)

I'm going to go so far as to say that the NX won't be as good unless it can also support the game pad.
Old-fashioned controllers are fine, but this is just frankly better, because it expands developer options for more interesting gameplay concepts far more than a traditional controller.
It just needs a size and weight adjustment.

And by design, I was referring to the overall look of the console.
Having higher specs always helps, but specs cannot be blamed for bad developer efforts in many of its ports.

The specs are not why it didn't sell higher in a shorter time.

Becoming a carbon copy of the rest by chasing graphics, is a short-term plan that ignores the long-term bottleneck of decreasing returns in noticeable graphical differences, and sets Nintendo up for failure far more assuredly than continuing to try and innovate.

Even Sony and Microsoft are starting to notice this.
It's why they're chasing gimmicks like VR, after all: they're prepping for new ways of playing.

Sylth011153d ago

While I could not read the article due to '404: page not found', and a quick google search did not turn up anything, I will say this: It has always bothered me the amount of flak the name 'Wii U' got.

Going from the Wii to Wii U is no more difficult to comprehend than going from Xbox360 to XboxOne.

I would blame the advertising, if anything. There wasn't much of it in North America, and I imagine the popularity of the Wii actually worked against them in this case. Consumers would go out to buy that Wii that everyone had, would see the two different consoles lined up in the case, and, based on looks, would think the Wii U was just a Wii with a fancy new enclosure & a fancy new tablet.

MrNameless1153d ago

Hi Sylth01,

Bit of bad timing - the site went down for three hours thanks to my own incompetence. You should be able to read the article now.