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sonarus3823d ago

Nice glad its sooner rather than later. Been craving a good platformer

chaosatom3823d ago

I hope it has some replay values.

Like lots of weapons upgrades or trophies.

Lucreto3823d ago

Good a release date but it is going to clash with my Uncharted Trophy hunt.

Overr8ed3823d ago

great date the day of my birthday =)...

meepmoopmeep3823d ago

oh crap, i didn't realize that!
i'll still get it though, but play it after Uncharted.
i wonder if this comes with Trophy support?

Playstation Man3823d ago

On that thursday. Can't wait to play!

Meus Renaissance3823d ago

I hope it'll have trophies. Will it?

ActionBastard3823d ago

Sorry Meus, but no. Trophy support came after the game was completed and Insomniac is "currently" not patching back catalog titles. As I'm sure you've read, they are focusing on R2. That said, here's to hoping AFTER the R2 release, they add them. I'm still buying it.

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The story is too old to be commented.