‘Dark Souls’ Was the Game That Brought Back My Childhood Nightmares

From Software's hardcore adventure f*cking hurts, and it never stops.

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DarkOcelet1513d ago

This was not the article i expected to read. I expected something like Boogie man or some scary stuff lol.

All i can really say to the author of this article is to the past is gone and stop beating yourself up for something that happened that WASN'T your fault.

All you can learn from your past is try not making the same mistakes that your father did. Be a better person for yourself and for the people surrounding you.

It will take some really hard work to do that but in the end its just as rewarding as killing a B**** of a boss on Dark Souls that took hundreds of tries.

lolosgolos1513d ago

Definition of what a game should be. Cant wait for DS3

Scrivlar1513d ago

I hope one day you can use Dark Souls as a positive reinforcement in your life of what you can achieve rather than feel like your failing. Every death makes you wiser and overcoming challenges makes you strong. So be thankful for every death and all it has taught you, Every time you beat a boss and overcome an obstacle is a giant Fuck You to your Dad, showing that you can take what's being thrown at you and still persevere.