Top 5 Tracks in Final Fantasy VIII

HyperJelly: "Whilst Final Fantasy VII takes all the glory of being completely remade (a very ballsy move, Square-Enix), I remember the good old days of the the one that followed. The one with that incredible intro, the one with the complex battle system and the one with the erm… socially awkward main character.

As well as the game being generally fantastic and somewhat misunderstood, I reminisce over the soundtrack – because it was, frankly, freakin’ beautiful."

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ameliabaz1180d ago

Liberi Fatali all the way. Not only is it one of the best songs in FF8, but its one of the best songs in the whole FF series

Perjoss1180d ago

Theatrhythm is such a cool series if you're a fan of Final Fantasy music.

Chaos_Raiden1180d ago

1) Force Your Way
2) Balamb Garden
3) Fisherman's Horizon
4) Maybe I'm a Lion
5) The Man with the Machine Gun

...Hell, the whole soundtrack is awesome.

pasta_spice1180d ago

The Extreme is both my favourite track in the whole game and my favourite final boss music in all Fina Fantasy games. It is a horribly underrated track in my opinion.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

1.Force Your Way
2.The Extreme
3.Maybe I'm a Lion
4.The Landing
5.The Man with the Machine Gun

Honorable Mentions:
Compression of Time
The Salt Falts
Never Lock Back
Galbadia Garden

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