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Ten years after its release on the Sony Playstation 2 and five years after its Nintendo DS release, the Legend of Kay has received the HD remaster treatment on the Nintendo Wii U. The original game, considered a hidden gem by many, was easily missed due to its release late in both of its two previous platforms lifecycles. The Legend of Kay Anniversary is a chance for the 3D platforming adventure game to stand out on a platform with no major summer releases.

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CyanocittaCristata1155d ago

I was in love with this game on PS2 but, having just started playing the remaster, I'm a little bit disappointed

It doesn't seem to hold up as well as I thought it might, and it feels more like a simple HD port than a remaster.

Things I'd never have noticed back then (i.e. the shoddy voice acting) stick out like a sore thumb.

Still, I'll persevere with it and hopefully by the end the nostalgia will be enough to pull me through and love it again