Top 14 Upcoming Xbox One Exclusive Games

For console gamers, the most important difference between the Xbox One, Wii U, and PlayStation 4 is the games.

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Fro_xoxo1156d ago

That list is full of art.

To think this fall is just an appetizer..

Kribwalker1156d ago

So true. And they didn't even put Halo Wars 2 in there

freshslicepizza1156d ago

yet some still think the xbox one line-up isn't diverse.

MrSec841156d ago

The article is a lie, because it says "games you won't find on any other platform".

Gears 1 is available on 360 and PC, Fable Legends PC, Inside PC, Below PC, Cuphead PC, Sea of Thieves PC and Ashen is also releasing on PC.

Halo Wars 2 is also releasing on PC.
The entire article was a mistake, it's no wonder they'd forget something that isn't coming to another 8th gen console.

The_BlackHeart__1156d ago

Since when are games coming to Steam XBox exclusives?

Kribwalker1156d ago

Maybe Around the same time No mans sky, street fighter 5 FF 14, and others made their way to the playstation exclusive list

MrSec841156d ago

I know right, it's fanboy logic, no realistic and objective person would count No Man's Sky, Street Fighter or others has PS4 exclusives, if they're also on PC then they can be called console exclusive, but you can't call them an outright PS4 exclusive.

BlueOnBlue221156d ago

Looks weak this year but next year looks better

StrayaKNT1156d ago

2015 and 2016 looks like the best years in gaming history for xbox owners

ninsigma1156d ago

I'll be getting gears: ue, halo 5, inside, below, qb, gears 4 and scalebound. Greattach list of games there for the xbox though I'm not sure what the fuss is about for sea of theives, not one for me I'm afraid. Gears ue and halo 5 will supplement my time with destiny this autumn and next year seems like I'll have an awesome time with my xbox! Can't wait :D

1156d ago
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