Kevin Durant Rated 91 Overall in NBA 2K16, Screenshot Released

Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant tweeted out his NBA 2K16 player rating, along with a screenshot of himself in the game.


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Outside_ofthe_Box2845d ago

Should be higher. KD better be the 2nd highest rated player in the game behind Lebron. Anthony Davis should be the 3rd highest followed by Steph, Westbrook, Harden in that order.

JWiLL5522845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

KD being at 91 means their won't be many above 90, which is fine. It's a way to separate superstars from regular all stars. You also have to keep in mind in recent years they've weighed defensive stats more heavily, so that'll bring KD down even if he's one of the best scorers in the game.

An all star level player like Klay Thompson will probably be mid-low 80s.

Steph will likely be above 90 since his high steal rating makes up for average on ball defense.

iSuperSaiyanGod2845d ago

If Steph above KD I won't even buy the game . Steph curry is not that good . It the coach Steve Kerr & the system he running & team . He's good but he's not no 99 or even 95 . And if he is , Michael Jordan deserve a Damn 9000 lmao . That rating system a joke lol

Outside_ofthe_Box2845d ago

KD being 91 *should* mean that the only 90+ players (that are currently in the NBA) should be Lebron and KD. There aren't any players in the NBA right now that are overall better than KD and Lebron (although Anthony Davis coming) thus the rest of the players should be in the 80s or below, which I wouldn't mind, but we all know this isn't going to be the case.

Steph is not an overall better player than KD thus shouldn't be rated higher than him.

nowitzki20042845d ago

AD is unbelievable, he will the be the highest rated in future games.

kuri12845d ago

AD right now should be in the range of 90 OVRs.

kuri12845d ago

I'm pretty sure the cover athletes (Steph Curry, James Harden, and Anthony Davis) this year will have 90+ OVR rating.

Drazz2845d ago

wonder what jordan's rating is?

iliimaster2845d ago

9999999! and the only person who can score the 5 pointer

iceman062845d ago

It depends on which year. They've traditionally done a pretty good job with his NBA transition.

nowitzki20042845d ago

Jordan? Who the heck is that? I just know Player 99.

iceman062845d ago

I remember when Konami had a game called NBA In The Zone. Jordan had a generic number....and he was WHITE!!! LOL (there was a limited editor, but all you could really do was turn him black and change his number)

kuri12845d ago

He's always been 100+ OVR in NBA2K but it only shows the maximum in the game which is 99 OVR. If you compute his individual attributes, there's no way he's just 99. 2K confirmed this in the past iteration of the game.

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nevin12845d ago

How come they don't factor in he was injured all last year?

Outside_ofthe_Box2845d ago

Because KD is gonna be back to being KD. His injury was the foot it's not like it was his knees. He's more than well rested. He should be back into form.

If anything they can always decrease his stats.

ahmexxxx2845d ago

I agree! After all he's still the best scorer in the league.

NBA2KUpdates2845d ago

They did. He was 95 OVR last year. Let's not forget that this is just the initial release player rating, and it will change based on their performance.

Mike042845d ago

This is lame..i prefer lowering the percentage of all 90+ players to 80 at least, just to make the game more challenging. A lot of people online been using their high stat players to tank and shoot three points over and over again(thanks to the shooting meter + i wish this will be gone maybe not now maybe in the future), it just kill the excitement and frustration like those days..

those days are gone when i use to practice team plays and shooting rhythm.

And one more thing i hope they remove that defensive setting for the A.I. , coz i have been hearing my opponents online maxing it out all the time just before the game starts...its sounds like ticktititickticktickticktiiiii iiicckkk..

Ipunchbabiesforfun2845d ago

that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They should negate the superstars who dominate so the game is more challenging for you? The best players should stand out in the game, it's stupid if they don't...

ahmexxxx2845d ago

I think he meant to say that superstars should not be overpowered. Of course they need to be higher compared to other players, but not so much to the point you have no chance of winning when your opponent has LeBron in his MyTEAM.

Ipunchbabiesforfun2844d ago

If that's the case than yes I would agree. I don't play these games so I don't know how off base the rankings really are.