Classic Game Characters Recreated in SoulCalibur IV

SoulCalibur IV's character creation system is, to say the least, pretty potent. It allows for the production of some pretty diverse personalities, though all of the chicks have huge tits and the dudes are all ripped. Regardless, here's a video of some classic videogame characters and a few comic icons that were recreated using the in-game tools. Some of them are pretty awesome - some look dead-on, and some are cool re-imaginings. Be warned, however - Superman looks like shit. And the music… yeah.

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Twizlex3827d ago

Wow, some of them are actually pretty good. And I have to agree, Superman looks like sh!t.

Nostradavis3827d ago

Superman looks like a drag queen

Darrius Cole3826d ago

I played against a much better looking Superman last night.

The-Director3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I hate the music in video , i really do .

cool video though .

vhero3826d ago

Some of them are pretty good with more and more dc for the game we are gonna start to see better creations coming nothing better than a fighter with your fav chars in. If they add more weapon/move sets the games lastability would be immense.

Panthers3826d ago

I am wanting this so much now.

All of them looked great except Superman.

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