Willits: Rage still a long way from release

Word at QuakeCon ahead of id Software's annual press conference and John Carmack's keynote address is that the company's new marquee title, Rage, is still a long way from release.

"It's not like we know and we're not saying," project leader Tim Willits joked about the release date with Eurogamer. "It's just, again, it's when it's fun and when it's done. Unfortunately that is the answer I have to give."

We asked Willits if Rage is a 2009 game, 2010, 2011, and all he'd say is that it's "not that far out" in response to the last one.

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solar4328d ago

im really looking forward to this new IP from id software. Wolf 3D got me into FPS games and ive been loving them ever since. so id has a soft spot in me heart.

HELLFIREV14328d ago

This new IP looks AMAZEING.