GTA4 sold for $910

Well apparently no one told, arozz4455x, that he could get GTA4 for under $60 at any gaming store. However the person who sold the game, crazydeals55, must be extremely happy.

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reincarnated4320d ago

wtf gta4 barley isnt even worth 60 dollars

spandexxking4320d ago

now hes out of pocket and stuck with an overhyped, crap game! hahaha lol


I played it for 1 week and got bored just like the other GTA that I bought . But I keep on buying GTA when it comes out . makes me a retard or maybe the hype

juuken4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Not even worth 50 cents.

Bah, enough of the yellow rabbit. U_U

TheDeadMetalhead4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Hey, what happened to your Yellow Rabbit, Juuken?

EDIT: The Yellow Rabbit's dead now, huh? :( Just like my Skull and Canadianguy420's Pot Flag...

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pwnsause4320d ago

??? WTF ??? this is a $60 game. someone got ripped off pretty badly.

Arsenic134320d ago

Who ever bought that was retarded.

midgetsanx4320d ago

I have no words for the buyer. He could of bought GTAIV over 10 times and then get himself a cake. :[

actas1234320d ago

Last week I sold this same game for 1000 dollars. No kiddin. I knew there was something wrong, so I contacted paypal and they investigated the issue and it turned out that the buyer is a scammer from an African country called Ghana. So, no there was no sale at this price, noobs.

The Matrix4320d ago

That's just a bogus listing. I've seen xbox 360s end for 10,000. That's right ten thousand dollars. The buyer isn't going to pay for it of course. What usually happens is the winning bidder bids some ridiculous amount knowing it will end for much less. The seller schillbids however and then puts his own bid for just under it.

Megatron084320d ago

There was actually someone that paid 100,000 of 360 the 1st year it came out. They got it like 2 days before x mas. So rich [email protected] getting his kid a last min xmas gift. The blue mod 360 from llamma went for almost 12,000 I believe.

most the time its a scam but once in a great while people do pay insane prices for things

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jacobdevos4320d ago

look at the guys ebay id
'this is not a registered user'
and he had 0 for his credibility
obviously that seller is getting scammed, anyone that has been on ebay recently and sold something would know exactly what that looks like

midgetsanx4320d ago

If that is the case, then I'm pretty stupid. I never used Ebay. Only Amazon.

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The story is too old to be commented.