Video: 24 custom Soul Calibur IV characters


"What if an army of large-breasted female warriors, Darth Vader, and Yoda still weren't enough to satisfy your most illicit fanboy fantasies? Mathematically speaking, that puts you in a very small percentile but, never one to back down from a challenge, Namco has included a character creation tool in Soul Calibur IV to fill in whatever gaps you may feel are inexcusable.

For inspiration, we've got this video from CanoodleStrudel, showing off 24 different handmade fighters."

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ASSASSYN 36o4394d ago

He sucks at mitsurugi fighting style with his created character. A good mitsurugi gamer can flow with his moves. Not tap tap tap.

DirtyLary4394d ago

Mc Hammer
Voldo Micheal Jackson
Bison ( which was spot on )
Altaïr ( Pefectly made )
and Mystique of the Xmen

Rocko4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

I've got 1 space left and its clearly for Vader.

Veryangryxbot4394d ago

Almost all of his models are just clones of eachother and almost all are lame.

You gotta have a pretty big imagination to think any of those characters actually pass for its video game counterparts.

Have you seen your ryu lmao.
Your leonidas? Pal, Ive seen both of these done to perfection. And then you show off your ryu which doesnt even have a mask!
Your Cloud looks like shiat and so do your Raiden and Snake. Your Bruce Lee does not look like Bruce Lee and his voice is too low.

Can you have any more boring selection or what.
Then again, youre an xbot. So thats probably the best selection of xbot characters.

Maybe I should upload my shiat and have the world in awe of my skills.

Tacki4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

His Ryu Hayabusa looked more like Jin from Tekken 4 with that hood. lol

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