Team overclocks Core 2 Quad to 5.1GHz, claims world record -- too bad it's not

Nilay Patel writes:

"So we hate to break it to the good guys at Tom's Hardware, but while we're impressed that they managed to overclock a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 to 5.1GHz using a cryogenic cooling system, it's not nearly close to the world record they're claiming -- we've seen P4's at up to 8.18GHz, and just a couple months ago someone jacked a Core 2 Extreme QX9775 on a Skulltrail board to 6GHz. Still, it's always fun to watch people pour LNO2 over a mobo -- video after the break."

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ade9094320d ago

very good NOT yawn yawn, why dont you dorks dip ur nut into a tank of liquid nitrogen and overclock that f**Ker, oh by the way why do they keep making cpu's smaller. understandable in lappys but not in desktop pc, cpu's would be much faster and run alot cooler if they were alot bigger....

Fishy Fingers4319d ago

"cpu's would be much faster and run alot cooler if they were alot bigger.... "

What? No offense dude but perhaps you should stick to the console news.

Beldin4319d ago

Yeah, obviously you have no idea what you are talking about. Die-shrunk CPU's use less electricity and therefore create less heat.

Silvia0074319d ago

at least try and save some face. Talking out of your @ss doesn't help.

GameOn4319d ago

These guys ever heard of health and safety?

Fishy Fingers4319d ago

Don't worry, no CPU's were injured during the production of this movie ;)

Beldin4319d ago

Is this a record with a Q6600? Maybe that's what they are actually claiming and are just being devious in their wording?

funkeystu4318d ago

Yeah, I think endgadget was a bit devious with that, especially with the P4 comparison - a 5ghz quad core will process things a lot better than an old 9ghz p4 - it's simply got better architecture.

PMantix4319d ago

Anyone ever heard of a funnel?

pete27114162d ago

This is comletely true, My dad invented the neuro net processor so he should know, He made it 2 miles long so it never gets hot. Bigger the better!!

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