Facebreaker NOT coming on PSN today, but on August 7th


"You'll need to wait until the 7th of August to get your gloved mitts on the demo from PSN. "

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sushipoop3824d ago

fake. the demo is up on PSN right now lol.

Daver3824d ago

Wow that is what i call a NEWS... The demo is up on the store.. nice speculation

sonarus3824d ago

I already dwnloaded it. Where the hell did this guy get his info from

meepmoopmeep3824d ago

umm... yeah, i've already downloaded it.

deletion is in order for this article.

Playstation Man3824d ago

I believe videogamemedia is now an officially failed site that can no longer be taken serious here...moving on...

juuken3824d ago

I'm gonna give the demo a spin.

mikeslemonade3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

The game sucks if your looking for arcade version of Fight Night or Ready 2 Rumble keep looking and waiting. The game is more tekken or virtua fighter than a simulation boxing game. There's juggling in the game for crying out loud!

sonarus3824d ago

ready to rumble is miles ahead of this crap. I used peter moore though:)

mikeslemonade3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

I used peter moore. Is he also in the PS3 version? I was hoping for kaz harai or ken kutaragi. Oh yea I forgot Peter Moore jump ship to EA.

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Raoh3824d ago

then this post should be taken down................

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The story is too old to be commented.