New Gears 2 info from Comic-Con- The Truth cont.

It has been RUMORED on the internet of a Gears 2 bundle that has a scale model of the lancer. Hopefully this article sets it right.

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Tacki3821d ago

Well, I suppose that saves me money at least. As cool as it would be to have a Lancer... $130 for that alone just isn't worth it to me. I'm glad this all got cleared up... though I'm sure many will be disappointed to hear it.

Max Power3821d ago

if cliffy b practices holding that Lancer in the mirror before photo shoots.

RAM MAGNUMS3821d ago

why is Gears in the news? That little puppet game comes out in November.
nobody wants to know jack balls about how cliffyb plays with toys?
Does M rating mean Something?
Gears should quietly be released to those last xbots who got some
left over M$ points.

Not cool?
So WHAT?!?

Atomic3821d ago

what a tool this Cliffy guy is .
i hope someone shove that childish toy up his ass'

ps360fella3821d ago

wow u r just tryig to see one of ur fetishes arent u

Atomic3821d ago

seriously , you can buy a toy like that from walmart "made in China" for a couple dollars.

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