Black Ops III Is A Mash-Up Of Your Favourite Multiplayer Games | TSA

TheSixthAxis goes hands-on with an early build of Black Ops III's online multiplayer. Expect a run down of what's changed, what's the same, and which games have helped influence the direction Treyarch's latest instalment is headed in.

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Grap1489d ago

"shaping up to be one of the best Call of Duty games ever made"

lol. I swear every year i read that line.

jc121489d ago

played the beta. Sadly, its the same crap. Running mechanics are the same, stabbing same, recoil same, art same, engine same, kill streaks and perks same(Including an exploding RV car again!), guns are all futuristic again...

Spose the only difference is you can run on a wall for a short distance.

WhiteGamerInc1489d ago

I'm assuming you played Advanced Warfare? I skipped Ghosts and AW and played the beta for Blops3, and aside from the same art and similiar stab and recoil mechanics it felt pretty different from Blops 2. It felt much faster and snappier to me.

SlightlyRetarted1489d ago

And the wall running doesent work because of the fast kill times. There is no point to wall run because you loose all your cover and movement and only few bullets drop you dead. So it boils down to same old narrow shooter with horse shit spawns, heavy aim assist and way too big hitboxes.

TKCMuzzer1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

It's called risk and reward, it's for players wanting to take short cuts but who realise there is a risk to that.

Also, the spawns are no where near as bad as previous games.
If your team runs off to the other side of the map and you don't go with them then naturally the enemy will spawn by you if they are shot by your team mates.

SlightlyRetarted1489d ago

I think wall running should be natural part of the movement. Right now the risk is way larger than the reward. High exposure with fast kill time just don't work. I guarantee that successful players (K/D wise) will not use this at all. Only game modes where wall running will work are those that don't have non-stop respawning, like search and destroy.

DLConspiracy1489d ago

The game feels way smoother to me. It's not AW or ghosts. Which is good IMO.

TKCMuzzer1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

er, can't agree about the stabbing. Don't you have to equip the knife now? which means a standard melee takes two hits, which makes a big difference from past games. I'm no COD fan but even I can feel that it plays a lot better from previous versions and taking the best things from Black Ops 2 is a good thing in my opinion.

I think many go into the beta looking for it to the same so they can have a moan, it's easy to see that if you look on top but put some effort in and the refinements make a big difference over recent incarnations.

I think it boils down to same thing in most games, if your good at it you will like it, if your bad at it you will not.

jc121488d ago

No. stabbing is just as it was before, takes one stab and a dude is dead - immediately. The gun play, perks, engine etc are all the same. Its indisputable.

Now, if you still like the game and want to play it, then go for it, all the power to you! But don't try and tell people is some vast improvement over previous installments or that its particularly unique or fresh. Its not.

objdadon1489d ago

That is a lie. So you're telling me that this game and it's mechanics are no different from black ops 1 and 2? You people are ridiculous.

jc121488d ago

correct, thats what im telling you. The gun play is literally no different. I dont know why thats hard for you to believe to be honest.

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AstroCyborg1489d ago ShowReplies(1)
MysticStrummer1488d ago

A mash up of my favorite multiplayer games? So it's a combo of SOCOM, Warhawk, MAG, and Planetside 2. That sounds pretty damn awesome!