Real Wood, Full-Size Guitar Controller for PlayStation Rock Band and Guitar Heroes

Not content with the plastic miniature guitar you're forced to use when you pretend rock out? Well, if you're a PlayStation 2 or 3 owner with an extra $180 lying around, you can pick up this new wooden guitar that works with Rock Band and all of the Guitar Hero games.

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Twizlex4876d ago

180 bucks? Doesn't seem worth it to have a "real" fake guitar. Maybe if it had strings or something.

AceLuby4875d ago

You can pick up a Squire bullet out of Guitar Center for $100. I have one and I play it almost every day. This would be a waste of $180.

San anto4876d ago

this sh1t pops up all the time, so many people have made them.

Twizlex4876d ago

People like companies, or people like modders?

Vitalogy4876d ago

This is completely worthless but hei, i'm suspect 'cause i never like this kind of game.

Like Twizlex said: "180 bucks?"; i can buy 3 games for that price, or a PSP system...

big shadow4875d ago

i dont think its worth the $180. if it was around $100 then maybe.

ngoniko4875d ago

for 180? why not put bluetooth in it, what a waste of money. I can buy a real guitar for that kind of money.

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